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Waste paper recycling and document destruction

Purchase of waste paper

Purchase of waste paper from private persons and companies at the purchasing sites of Eesti Vanapaber OÜ. Waste paper is accepted according to the current price list or an agreement.


Please bring the waste to the purchasing site or, if you have a larger quantity, contact the department head of a suitable site.

Paper waste collection and transport

  • Paper waste removal
  • Ordering and replacement of containers and press containers of various sizes.

It is important for Eesti Vanapaber OÜ to provide our clients with quality service, taking into account the wishes and needs of the client. We have developed a fast and efficient container and press emptying service.

If customers wish, the press containers can be fitted with an automatic notification system, which gives an alert when the container is full and needs emptying. With the automatic notification system, the customer does not need to check the filling level of the press container and Eesti Vanapaber OÜ empties the containers without having to wait for information regarding how full the container is from the customer.

Are you tired of the fact that paper and pressure containers are always emptied late? Eesti Vanapaber OÜ offers a complete solution to the problem, which includes convenient, timely emptying of containers and the best price for waste paper.


Contact the department manager of a suitable purchasing sit.

Removal and destruction of documents in Tallinn

  • On request, we will install a sealed and locked 240-liter or 770-liter collection container at your office. Wheeled containers have openings for safe and convenient collection of documents for disposal.
  • Containers are emptied at a time agreed with the customer.
  • Upon receipt of the documents collected in the container, we draw up an instrument of delivery and receipt. The seal number affixed to the container will be recorded on the instrument of delivery and receipt.
  • There is 24 hour video surveillance on the territory of Eesti Vanapaber OÜ.
  • Prices of document destruction and removal:
    • Emptying a 240 liter collection container costs € 30; the price is subject to VAT.
    • Emptying a 770 liter collection container costs € 45; the price is subject to VAT.
    • Prices include renting a container for one week, document shredding and removal.

Contact the department manager of a suitable purchasing site.

Paying for waste paper

Waste paper is paid for by bank transfer and the following is concluded

  • Contract of purchase and sale with private individuals, based on which money will be transferred over at the end of a business day. In order to conclude the contract, you will need to bring your identification document and bank account number.
  • With companies, purchase invoice / delivery note, based on which the company that transferred the waste paper will issue a counter invoice. If there is a cooperation agreement between the company and Eesti Vanapaber OÜ, Eesti Vanapaber will pay the company for the scrap metal without the company issuing a counter invoice.